The Winter tease

I asked Alexa what the temperature outside was. I find that very handy as invariably, I am in the middle of something when I need to know. Stewie and I went out in the twenty-nine degree weather. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be since there wasn’t any wind.

The gray skies made me feel that it was really the fall, not the winter. A patch or two of dirty snow here and there reminded me that it is winter and that snow is still possible.

Noisy it was outside, the noise even helped me decide which direction Stewie and I were to take for his walk. The noise was tree trimming and removal and we saw that in the distance as we went around the block.

The crocuses are all over the place but I am well aware that it is nothing more than a March tease. One cannot expect that the winter is over because of a few flowers. I know full well the fury that the winter can provide. Mother Nature will delude us into believing that spring is on the way and then a storm hits us and literally knocks us off of our feet.

We are all at a point where we wonder how much more of this weather we can take. We are tired of the winter and yet we know that we cannot rush it out of town. We have to be patient and allow the transition to occur as it needs to. Once again, we are reminded of the lack of control we have over nature and over our own lives.

Nonetheless, I am ready for the spring, if we actually get one this year, to take over and then transition into summer.

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