‘Shipwrecked’ and Disconnected

It is hard to believe that this hall is where former buildings I remember used to be at New Trier High School in Winnetka.

Laura, our daughter(-in-law), got tickets for a play at New Trier, location of my job for some thirty years. The play was ‘Shipwrecked,’ something that I don’t recall even hearing about.

I was surprised that the Playbill didn’t have any information, so I did some research today and came up with the fact that he was a real person, a Swiss. The play was really well done; I am guessing it was the Frosh-Soph play. I did some research for that and came up with nothing. That is neither here nor there. The play starts out with someone representing Louis de Rougemont, who starts to talk about his alleged adventures in going from London to ‘see the world’ at age sixteen and ending up being shipwrecked, supposedly in New Guinea.

The play has numerous people playing the role of the main character as he grows up from the age of sixteen to adulthood. It was a little disconcerting to me that they had females playing the role as well as males, but they did it so well, it didn’t really matter. It also reminded me of a combination of the stories of Candide and Don Quixote, or a least something of those two genres.

The play, overall, was wonderful and a great time for the four of us, that four including Samantha, our eight year old granddaughter.

Disconnected is how I felt as I visited the huge change to New Trier, the new part of the facility, one replacing the old Technology Building and Music Building that my early years of teaching saw as my hall duty. Disconnected because this pretired teacher has been retired for almost eleven years and it has probably been some nine years since I have been back. The McGee Theatre, where I once even stood at the podium to speak to the faculty, was a totally new rendition, featuring deep steps to get down to it from the main floor.

The huge new hall that abuts the Baumann Student Center was amazing and Samantha asked me to take her hand as we went down the steps. She was amazed to realize that I had taught there for so long and wanted to see where that was. We did not have the time to do so, unfortunately. I figured that I would probably not see anyone I know, and besides seeing from afar, Hilerre Kirsch, a Speech and Theatre teacher I remember, I saw no one that I knew. I really thought I might run into a former student who was at the play to see his/her son or daughter.

It felt weird.

It brought back many memories, just getting there was so easy as my car was on autopilot. It is hard to believe that one could spend so much time in a place and have it depart so easily from one’s routine and even psyche.

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