Jesus is Hatred

A few short weeks ago, I ended up in a political sparring match on Facebook that surprised me.

I am surprised that I was surprised, my naïveté should have not have been in force and I should have known better.

One should avoid speaking of politics. That is something I learned a long time ago and should have practiced. However, maybe I should not have ever practiced it; perhaps it was wrong to do so. Maybe the liberals are the only ones practicing this and perhaps in doing so we are giving license for the opposition to run with their plans and philosophies.

No matter what we say or think, our government is an absolute shambles and both sides are not doing their jobs. Clearly, it is not all of them, but the few who are actually doing their jobs are truly shut down in reaching fruition for their concerns.

Be it what it may, I found myself in a sparring match in which I was criticized for my reactions to the current régime and the politics and human beings that are its workers, designer, and proponents.

I am American and my ability to criticize is a fundamental right. I admit I have perhaps gone over the edge with my criticism, being downright mean-spirited at times, but for the first time in my sixty-something life, I feel that we are living on the edge of Fascism. We have a government that is running in a very scary direction.

In our sparring, I was told that I needed to read a book: ‘Republican Like Me: How I left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right.’ I quickly proceeded online to read it. I was asked why I would read it. I chose to because I want to know more and my ideas are not etched in stone. I must also admit that one of my reasons for not being political, is because I truly have felt that the opposition does not listen and has a very closed mind.

I read the book. It was a hard read, because frankly I don’t see it as well written. The author himself apologizes that he loved the research but hated every moment of writing time.

There are a lot of statistics and although I don’t deny their possibility, I know that statistics are numbers that can be played with to display almost any side. I did enjoy the way in which the author, Ken Stern, took a year of research to try and get to know the other side. He gets into the origins of the Evangelicals and their political movement.

I found that Stern, although seemingly writing a work that looks as if it is going to thoroughly promote the ‘Right,’ actually often criticizes it and their leaders for not really seeing things as they are or should be.

Which all leads me to the title of this post: ‘Jesus Equals Hatred.’

I guess I have a huge problem with all of this. I am a lapsed Catholic and although I do not practice, my head is full of Judeo-Christian values that I learned of as a very young child, throughout my 3rd grade to 8th grade Catholic education, and through my days in CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine). They continued to grow as I became a part of a vibrant, North Shore Parish that provided us with a Faith Community in which to rear our children.

Nowhere in my studies have I seen that Jesus espoused hatred of any group as a tenet. I don’t get the idea that any god would want to see people suffer, I don’t see that any god of worth would say that a certain group of people should not see ‘Paradise.’ I do not see that skin color should determine people’s worth or that one sex is better than another and worth more salary. I do not see that God would be judgmental about the people we choose to love. I just don’t get it at all.

Jesus does not mean hatred; Jesus is the antithesis of hatred. Some human beings have skewed interpretations and used them to establish their superiority over others.

Our country was founded on the idea that we have religious freedom. There is also to be separation of Church and State.

We need to get back on track, once and for all, and put aside our differences and move forward in the area of human rights and responsibilities and take care of our people in every area from education, jobs, health, and overall welfare. When we do that, we all win.

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