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The Program of the Songs of the Program.

For several weeks in February and I think late January, I spent some time one night a week with Randy Casey and his crew of female singers. Randy is a former colleague of mine from New Trier and then, oddly enough, he became a colleague of MK’s at Lake Forest High School.

Randy is a talented accompanist, an organist and a pianist, and has the degrees to accompany his gift. He reminds people that his language is tinted with Texas, thanks to his having grown up there. Recently, Randy gave a wonderful program on Francis Poulenc at the Church where he is the Director of Music.

Randy, knowing of my background in French, as a former teacher at New Trier, contacted me when he decided to do some beautiful, fun, French songs from Canada. The ladies needed some help with the pronunciation, so we took each song and slowly went over the pronunciation and I translated them so that they could understand what they were singing.

When we were done with the French pronunciation work, I asked Randy if we could attend their performance. We were thrilled that we could and so we went to the First Presbyterian Church in Waukegan where we were able to hear their almost hour performance. It was delightful and I even recorded the French songs we worked on and posted them above.

Randy recently started blogging, writing of his lifetime love affair with music and how it affects every aspect of his being. I highly recommend taking a look.

I find it fascinating that everywhere you look, if you really try, you can find something cultural, something to pique your fancy. When one thinks of Waukegan, Illinois, one usually doesn’t think of finding something like that. Here we found a group of people, led by Randy, singing in a local Church on a Sunday. From what we gleaned, it seems that this was an event sponsored by the local Park District.

Anyway, what a wonderful way to spend a spend a Sunday afternoon…

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