A Neo-Nazi in Congress?

A typical American home, with plays about impending fascism, things I warned my own students about as a possibility although I didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime. Rhinocéros by Eugène Ionesco. Perhaps it is time to perform the play in every city of the country.

It is a beautiful day, albeit cold and near freezing.

I got up and went about my morning routine, unaware of the nightmare that was continuing to bloom in my own back yard.

I got a message from a friend in Virginia that a Neo-Nazi has managed to receive the Republican nomination for a Congressional District Southeast of Chicago. And so, the nightmare continues to bloom.

How people can deny that there are serious issues with the current régime is beyond me.

Here we have a serious anti-Semite, an avowed Neo-Nazi, a White supremacist, and a person who denies the Holocaust as a Republican Nominee for Congress! Granted, there isn’t a chance in Hell for him to win in this Blue District, but how did this happen?

I will grant you that the Republican Party has denounced him, but nonetheless, this is a frightening new development in the atmosphere of our country. For months now we have been dealing with more lawlessness, shootings, racism, and misogyny, to just name a few things. The régime is not really working to change any of this. In all my life, as much as I may have disliked a person in office, I have certainly never called our government a régime. I do now.

Jonathan Greenblatt, who is the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, commented on the situation in the New York Times on Tuesday. He stated that this is just one of several extremists put out there for the vote. As Arthur Jones put it himself, “Even if only myself and my wife voted for me, I’d win the primary because the Republican Party screwed up big time.” Jonathan Greenblatt stated, “It is just nuts that we are in this moment in time when we have intolerance really infecting our political process.”

Mr. Greenblatt also pointed out, in the article, that recruiting for the far-right has increased on college campuses and that “extremists feel emboldened” in the United States at this time. He also said, “This is a bigger problem than Arthur Jones.”

I agree.

So if our current government has any sense of decency, it had better, once and for all, begin acting on the problem.

I am not holding my breath.

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