Back to the routine

We had a wonderful weekend. Monday morning we had breakfast with our nephew, his wife, and daughter, before they headed for home and I went off to Oakton. The day was cold and sunny and we all had a good time before getting into cars and starting off our day.

My day was busy as I had to make up for my time missed due to a week of flu absences. I have extended my time this week and next week for the Conversation Hour to make up for time missed.

Once I finished at Oakton, I went to tutor, a bit earlier than normal, and then I went to the gym.

I went home and set up my International Phone since I now have a new service and SIM card. It was a little confusing at first but it is all set up and I now have a new International Phone number that is set in the UK.

Tuesday will be with the kids and then in the afternoon I go off to Oakton for the International FilmFest, an annual event. Normally, we are set to introduce movies for the language we teach, but since there are people who cannot do that, I am called in to help. I am introducing both Hindi-Urdu movies (once on each campus) and then also presenting the French movie and the German movie on the Skokie Campus alone. Tuesday will see me introducing just the Hindi-Urdu movie which I will do in the early afternoon, leaving MK to take care of the kids.

It should be a fun week and I am especially looking forward to the German movie on Thursday, Labyrinth of Lies.

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