Spring frolicking

Forsythia being forced to bloom since it is obviously not blooming yet out of doors.

For once, I am not the one virally attacked, and once again, the family has been exchanging germs and symptoms. This is decidedly not fun.

I am enjoying my coffee. It is relatively warm outside and rained all night. I was glad that I was able to get Stewart out without getting soaked to the bone.

The squirrels are everywhere. Unfortunately, I have even caught a few in my small Havahart trap. I set it up by the front stoop to catch chipmunks as they are tunneling and burrowing underneath my stoop. For about a year now, I have been taking limestone gravel and filling the crack around our front stoop and you would think that it would prevent further habitations, but it has not. Once it warmed up, the chipmunk got to work. I set up the trap and ended up with two chipmunks and two squirrels. The squirrels had to be awfully greedy and hungry because they barely fit in the trap. As of now, it has been several days since there has been any activity and I am hoping it is over.

The robins are going crazy on a warmer day like this. Their presence has been quite obvious for over a month now, but once a little warm, you hear them and see them frolicking. The other birds have been quite busy, and the sunflower seeds I bought in the fall are almost gone.

As I walk Stewart, the antics of the squirrels are pretty hard to ignore as they scamper here and there and occasionally resort to some wrestling matches here and there, tussling like little boys for dominance.

Another day in what could be spring but probably isn’t…

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