The Will Farrell Loofah

Here it is, hanging in its glory from our chandelier.

When I played Santa Claus this past December, I was given a ‘Dopp Kit’ from Old Spice as a token of thanks. I use it at the gym. One of the side benefits was a Will Farrell hanging loofah from Old Spice that I found inside the bag. To be honest, I have been confused about it ever since. I put it aside, thinking that at some point, I would be able to find a use for it.

When nephew Bill was in town with family last weekend, I gave it to him, thinking that perhaps with his unique sense of humor, that he might find something useful for this very strange piece of Old Spice Memorabilia. As it turns out, he thought it would make a spectacular gag gift. I concur.

It is truly hard to describe and next to impossible to imagine why this item was produced and why one would even use it.

It is really weird.

I have gone online to research a bit, mainly because Bill’s better half, Stacie, thought it resembled an actor she does not like, Will Ferrell. I had questioned its resemblance but never thought that the Loofah had Will Ferrell’s face on it. Stacie was right.

I found it first on e-bay and then on I still have not determined how or why it was produced.

I did manage to find a Will Farrell Old Spice advertisement on YouTube and a blog as well. What possessed them to do this? Did it really manage to sell their product?

Life is very confusing.

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2 Responses to The Will Farrell Loofah

  1. Kyle says:

    It’s Will Ferrell’s character from the movie “Semi Pro.” I’ll buy this item from you if you don’t want it.

  2. I gave this beauty to my nephew who is quite happy to have it as his possession.

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