The Deerfield Swing

I don’t know why I am so fascinated with this swing.

I generally really like things that look perfect, that are in perfect condition, that are perfectly finished with varnish or a fresh coat of paint.

This swing is not like that.

This swing has character. It is like the ‘Velveteen Rabbit’ and looks as if it has endured time, has had better days, but was used for its purpose. To be honest, I have never seen a single person ever use it.

Nonetheless, it is perfect.

It is in a great location, in front of one of the homes on my street that I really admire. I have been inside this house, but it was many years ago. It is a typical home of the fifties, as is my home, and added on to, as some of the still remaining homes. I say, ‘still remaining’ since so many of the homes have been removed to build the infamous ‘McMansions.’

The home takes up most or much of the property on which it sits and does it with great power. It was added on to by a person with great creativity. I remember being invited to a party there and seeing the powder room which had brushes and cans of paint and asked you to add something to the décor. I thought how strange to give up the control of the room’s appearance, something I would find hard to do, and yet how really cool it was.

Each day I pass it, I think of that and I see that swing. It is unused, and yet perhaps one of the best articles of decoration because it is made of beautiful, natural elements and it is simple, and strangely elegant. I can visualize someone in a prom or wedding gown sitting on it in that nicely landscaped, front yard setting, for a beautiful, formal photo.

Strange where my mind goes…

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