Les Derniers Jours de Nos Pères by Joël Dicker

Les derniers jours de nos pèresLes derniers jours de nos pères by Joël Dicker
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I really enjoyed this book, although I recognize that as this wonderful author’s first book, that it wasn’t perhaps, his best. It was an interesting look at a part of World War II that I know little about, that of French people being recruited, going to England, and becoming officers in the British military and used to do espionnage work in France. The relationships between the various people, as they arrive at the training location in England and work through the program, is fascinating. The reader sees them mature as seasoned officers and working multiple tours on the continent. Nonetheless, Joël Dicker has me hooked and I only have his newest book to read, having read all the others. I will not miss that one either. This is a great, new author, and thankfully one who writes not only in his native French, but also has had his works translated into English, Spanish, and Italian. Joël Dicker, when are you coming to the United States?

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