I am just full of ‘Dawn and Vinegar’ today

I unfurl the Dawn and Vinegar infused paper toweling to work on the baked on grime.

A first attempt to see if it is ready to be scrubbed. Although this method works, it still demands some elbow grease.

Yes, I just cannot get enough of my new cleaning fluid, Dawn and Vinegar.

I told the kids about it and then found a really nice but clearly not nice looking anymore, baking sheet in the laundry room with paper toweling and a mixture of Dawn and vinegar, ‘marinating.’ I had not put it there, my son had, perhaps hoping I would take the pan and ‘run with it.’ I did.

At this point, although I normally follow a recipe for this, I just mixed the Dawn and Vinegar. My son pointed out to me that I was using Dawn 3, and that there is a Dawn 4. Dawn 4 would be more powerful in cleaning and breaking down grease.

I added some paper toweling to the baking pan, making sure that the edges of the pan were well covered. After an overnight stint of ‘marinating,’ I checked the pan and used a little elbow grease to see if it was working. It was. I added some vinegar and Dawn since it was starting to dry out.

This morning, several days later, I did some cleaning and spent about ten minutes on it. I did not completely clean it, but it is 90% cleaner than before and the only spots that are less than perfect are the junctures where the sides come in contact with the bottom.

The results are amazing. The key here is to not let it get this bad.

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