Sickies with a touch of French

The little ones are over, the older of the two is not feeling great, having succumbed once again to a viral moment: a cold. She says she has ‘sickies.’

To ‘chill’ a bit, we are watching one of the Disney films I have purchased on EBay during the last few weeks. I now have quit the arsenal of Disney, assuredly more than we had when our boys were little.

Some of the films are on iTunes but the majority of them are either DVD or Blu-Ray.

One of the things I adore about the DVDs and Blu-Rays, and even iTunes, is that I can almost always put the films in French and attack the subconscious with language. The funny thing is that this soon to be four year old, usually wants them in French, unlike her cousins, and when I put it to her, she responded that she wanted it in French. “Veux-tu voir le film en français ou en anglais?” “I want to see it in French.”

As we have come to consensus, we are across the board making an effort to keep ‘screen time’ to a minimum, watching a movie or reading a children’s eBook in French, however, makes it more acceptable. Just now, she asked me to turn it into English since she did not understand. I paused the movie, explained that King Triton was concerned for Ariel’s safety since she wanted to spend time on land, or outside of the water. It is the usual parent and teenager scenario.

She seemed happy with my explanation and the movie goes on, in French.

I am so interested in seeing where this French experiment goes. The oldest granddaughter, at eight, is very able to decipher most everything I tell her. She still responds in English, which is expected. Her younger sister is my most resistant and yet there are times where she allows herself to understand and understands way more than I think. The third is almost never at a point of not understanding me and rarely asks for explanation. Finally, the two year old is seemingly as good at understanding French as English.

Thus explained is a ‘sickies’ kind of day with a touch of French.

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