Set up, finally, but snow is looming

The first actual daffodil on Friday the 13th…

When I look at it, it looks like I did very little. Maybe I am just hard on myself?

We had three whole hours of ‘summer’ on Thursday before the winter set back in. The thermometer read seventy-five, which I almost did not believe but I did have to put on a pair of shorts, so hot it was outside.

Winter did set back in, dropping close to twenty degrees. That started happening mid-afternoon, all of a sudden we realized that we had to put warmer clothing on.

Luckily, the kids were able to enjoy the quick summer we had. We took them outside and I profited from this by yanking all of our patio furniture out of the garage and putting everything in place for the summer. I know it will snow again and it is actually predicted in a few days, but I needed to take advantage of the change in climate.

My work went smoothly, the only rub in the story was the set of three hanging, factory-look lamps by our chairs. Only one of the three lights was working and when I went to figure out what was up, I realized that one of the wires was not connected. I went to connect it, which should have been simple, but the electrical set up of this set was such that I ended up throwing the entire thing out, realizing that I could not make a safe hook up. I luckily had an extra in my collection and so I set it up instead.

The kids really had a ball; my only difficulty was my continued effort to stop the youngest from throwing stones in the pond. I had hoped to set that up, but it didn’t make the cut for my short time out of doors. I had thought that it would be warmer today, but so far it is low forties and I am not sure I am going to attack that issue.

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