Cold, wet, windy, and maple bud cases all over

The look of the April 14th day…

I mentioned to MK this morning that for the first time in 2018, I have seen bud cases all over the ground from the maple trees. I then took a mental step back, wondering if I had ever talked about the bud cases with Mary Kay, and I am sure that I have. I also wondered if anyone is dorky enough to even notice said bud cases all over the ground as I do each year. To me they show that spring is on the way, that the trees are finally at a moment where they are getting ready to sprout leaves, and that yes, the blasted winter is waning.

Winter is on the way out, the only question is, will there be spring?

It was frightfully cold out as I walked the canine this morning. My ears were quite bothered by the freezing wind. They had promised this weather and soon we are to have another bit of snow. The wind accompanied by the humidity was quite biting. Meanwhile, our patio furniture is covered.

I am not happy with Stewie, he has been absolutely awful of late. The other day when his canine cousin came over to play, he jumped in the pond. The pond is not even set up and is looking quite murky. Our grooming moment was lost as Stewie took the dirty plunge. He smelled of skunk once again as the smell returned, still from his previous spraying, which is hard to believe. It scares me to think that we have to make sure that he is not in the back yard at night, and that is one less moment for him to get some nice activity.

Stewie’s naughtiness of late besides jumping in the pond: eating a baguette half found on the counter (pushed back to the wall, by the way), tearing apart the laundry room garbage can to get at the vinegar infused paper toweling that I used as a method to keep the Dawn and Vinegar mixture on the baking pans I was cleaning, and stealing food from the grandkids, and eating homemade noodles (uncooked). He is pushing me to my limit.

I am thinking that I have to give him a walk in the evening, which I hate, for whatever reason. He needs more activity. Twice a week, with the kids, he gets plenty. It is the other days I am worried about.

I need to clear my head…off to the gym.

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