Our ‘hot’ receiver, the Denon AVR-X4000

The new set up with more space above for air flow.

A few weeks ago, we had issues with our Entertainment System receiver, as it was shorting out. It would turn off by itself, ostensibly to ‘save the system,’ and then I would have to turn it on again. One evening, in order to be able to complete watching a show, we had to turn it on and restart the show at least twenty times. It continued to do this for days.

Needless to say, it was annoying.

It was a serious problem in terms of watching anything.

We did some research and found out that our Denon AVR-X400 is known for this. The first suggestion was to check out the connection of the receiver to the speakers. I did that more than once. Then they suggested that perhaps the receiver was overheating. In doing more research, our son found out that, in fact, we did not have the side clearance or clearance above, that Denon wanted for its piece of electronics.

We had to change things up…

First, we pulled out the receiver, placed it on a TV table, and tried to see if that was enough to keep it cool. It was not. Then we placed a little fan on top, drawing the heat out. That helped one day and not the next. Finally, in desperation, I turned the fan downward on the receiver, pushing cool air on to the receiver. That worked.

Once we knew that air-cooling worked, we purchased what is called a laptop cooler, to be placed directly on top of the receiver. The good news is that they are made for laptops and receivers like this. We made sure that it was not noisy, because as our son reminded us, we are not happy campers with unnecessary extraneous noises.

The new purchase was close to $100. It arrived and we set it up. Our son had already removed a shelf in the area we keep the receiver in to allow for more air space and flow. As I was setting it up, I realized that we had to set the thermostat. It shows the thermostat setting and the actual temperature reading of the receiver. I quickly found out that the receiver shut off around seventy-five degrees. I thus set the thermostat for around seventy-three. As it turns out, I needed to set it lower. We have not had a problem since, but the strange thing is that I have noticed that the receiver has gotten as high as seventy-six degrees with no shut down.

Go figure…

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