C.J. Box – The Disappeared

The Disappeared (Joe Pickett, #18)The Disappeared by C.J. Box
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My only disappointment here is that I am finished. I did not want it to end. I don’t understand how C.J. Box manages to write books that continue to intrigue the reader. What a fertile mind he has. As Randy, our friend who introduced me to C.J. Box’s books says, “They are real page turners.” They are! C.J. Box wrote this book as if it is just the first chapter, now I am dying to see what happens to Joe Pickett in the next novel!

I like Joe Pickett because he reminds me of myself, kind of a guy who cannot break rules. I also like him because he is so human and although he is very capable and good at his job, he has frailties and he is aware of them. I thoroughly enjoy seeing his aging process and how he goes from being a young man with a young family to middle age and sees his chicks leaving his nest. These are great reads, every single one of them.

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