ESL day and impending snow

My Conversaton set up. I take notes which students can see as I take them and then send them a copy after the session.

I am sitting waiting for the French Conversation group to show up. Of late, I have had a really interesting group of at least two, sometimes three adults who show up, none of them being students at Oakton.

Today, they are later than normal. Two of them are Oakton employees, the other one being a community member. It is really cool that there is this kind of interest in speaking and learning other languages.

I had a busy morning, flying out of the house earlier than normal to get a special medallion from our bank in order to take care of some financial dealings. We have noticed that as it gets easier to do things online, there are also special things we need to do. In order to prove that we are, in fact, the people we say we are online, we had to get a special stamp from our bank before sending the details in. The funny thing is that it is akin to notarization, it just doesn’t require a notary, just a bank official. The odd thing here is that when I put it to the bank employee, she almost started to argue with me about it. I truly didn’t get that and I don’t get it when some people misconstrue something when it is very clearly explained to them.

I then went to the Optometrist to get my yearly eye check and then went to Oakton.

My two regulars arrived a little late, accompanied by their lunches, and we had a great time with it going by so quickly that when Carlos got up to leave, I didn’t realize that it was actually time.

The weather is cold and at 1:00 PM it started raining, as we were told. So far, it has not yet changed to a more freezing precipitation and then snow. Supposedly, we will have snow on the ground tomorrow. Happy spring in Chicago!

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