A wonderful birthday celebration

This was one of those almost impromptu birthday parties ever.

It was amazing. Perhaps, since it was not my birthday party, I should reserve that judgment for the recipient. I am going to state my facts anyway.

Originally, as previously mentioned, middle son and I discussed the fact that there was a sequel to Super Troopers, a very stupid movie we had seen way back in the past. All of the Koerner guys had seen it. Middle son even owns a DVD of it. He mentioned to me that a sequel was coming out and it had French involvement, being a movie that takes place on the border between Québec and Vermont. As it turns out, it was premiering on my oldest son’s birthday.

We decided to make an outing of it. We got tickets for the 7:45 showing and decided to meet for dinner at a mall restaurant. I made reservations after a family text saying anyone was invited. Everyone, even the grandkids said a resounding “Yes.” We decided on 5:00 PM because of the kids.

It all went as planned and we met, were given a private room even, and had a wonderful dinner where despite the notorious ‘witching hour,’ the kids were amazing. MK had gotten ‘party favors’ for them, thinking it wise and it was.

The kids were shuttled off and we guys went to the restaurant bar for libations before the film. We sauntered over to the theatre afterward and settled in, not getting out until close to ten. Despite our ‘lack of planning,’ it went as smooth as a top.


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