A t-shirt and shorts kind of day

The clear pond with its peace-giving waterfall.

The new daffodils in front of the house.

A view of the raised beds with the square on for herbs. Now it is all ready for some fresh mulch.

The playhouse and its flower scene.

I had no major plans when Thursday rolled around. The kids were coming and that was (and is always) the major goal.

Due to the weather being actually good, we were clearly outside, there was no option with the little ones; they really wanted to be outside. The littlest one continued to have a low grade fever and was both eating and playing so we thought that being outside was not much worse than being inside.

The first item on the non-written agenda was to vacuum out the playhouse. I knew that they were going to play in it so I pulled over the shop vac and cleaned it up. I then took Pine-Sol and washed the ‘blackboard’ walls that they can use to write on and the floor of the little house. The kids noticed that right away.

While they were playing, I started doing things. I first made sure that the new six foot cold frame was securely in place and that the wind would not take it away. I was happy because I used materials I have to secure it and didn’t have to make up a list and buy new things for that.

I redid several of the raised beds and recycled some of the pavers so that they looked better. I took tomato cages and placed them strategically to keep Stewie from running all over the beds by the back fence that now have currant bushes. I really don’t want him in there. The good news is that they are barely visible.

I put a second coat of Tung oil on the small wood-framed cold frame I bought to put over the raised herb bed. That took way less time than the first coat. Now I shall have to put it together.

I put Epsom salts around the base of the roses, an old trick I learned from my mother. When they green up, they shall be absolutely beautiful and it gives them a good start.

The kids were wonderful and the littlest one is headed to the doctor early this evening to see what is going on.

It was a beautiful, sunny, t-shirt and shorts kind of day for me and we had a ball with the kids.

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