Au Revoir la Guitare!

My bright red Hagström in its original case.

All packed up and somewhere to go…Sweden! Current Hagström Guitars are made in China. Hagström started out by selling accordions made in Germany. The box was given to me when I had the set up (checking and restringing) recently.

I guess you could say that I am a musical wannabe. I guess you could say that my efforts to produce music via an instrument have come to naught. I am a musical production failure. Oh well, you can’t do everything.

In 1966, when I was fifteen, I dabbled in guitar. I started out with an acoustic guitar and thought I was interested enough to get a better guitar. Being in love with the Beatles and loving rock music, an electric guitar was on my brain. I saved my money and bought a bright red, Hagström guitar. Why Hagström, I am not sure why. It was cool, however, and as I have since found, Kurt Cobain, Neil Young, and Frank Zappa had Hagström guitars.

Well, my musical career folded and I was left with a beautiful guitar. I kept it. I thought that perhaps some day I might pick it up or that I would have kids who might.

I waited.

I took piano lessons in my twenties, but that also came to naught. Susan Arron, who taught me piano while teaching at New Trier, must have wrung her hair at my lack of talent.

My sons were not totally into music. Each took piano and each dabbled in something else musical. My oldest son, Christian, took guitar and reminded me that his piano teacher even wanted to buy our guitar. I should have taken him up on it. Our second son is gifted in piano. Our third does well with drums.

I did not do well with anything.

Now, some fifty or so years later, I am deeply entrenched in Swedish Death cleaning. I don’t want to leave my progeny with tons of things to get rid of. I went on Facebook, joined a Hagström page (most Americans write Hagstrom, sans accent, but I am a crazy French teacher, so…), and posted a photo of my guitar with a serial number. I got all kinds of info. It was a Hagström H1 guitar that was built in Älvdalen, Sweden in either 1965 or 1966. I believe it was unit 1370 out of a batch of 2497 guitars.

EBay had prices of around $500 for them, but they were not in as good of condition as mine. Mine also had the original case.

From the Swedish Facebook Hagström site, I had a few American queries. Then a guy from central Sweden contacted me. To make a long story short, today, the 30th of April, he sent me the money via Paypal and I packed up the guitar and went to the Post Office and spent about $100 to ship it Priority Mail.

My guitar has gone home and I am hoping that it has a great life in its home country. It is sad, but I think I made a good choice. Dag, I hope you love that guitar more than I could.

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