Where in the world is my uncle?

Today’s view of the daffodils by the playhouse.

I am sure that I will not totally get this story straight, but I will come pretty close.

My grandfather would never talk about his time in South Bend’ Indiana in the early 1900s, other than to mention the acquisition of his pocket watch. He would not talk about why he ‘had to leave.’ This went on forever until… One day he turns to Mary Kay and says, “Honey, I’m gonna tell you something.” He then proceeded to detail a story from the past. Whether or not it was true is another story. He was way up in years, I am guessing in his nineties at the time. He managed to live until the age of ninety-nine.

He was a man who threatened, threatened to go live with someone else after my grandmother passed away. For the most part, after my she died, he lived with my mom. Then he got angry at her and went to live with my aunt in California. A tiff resulted, once again, and he was back with my mom. Anyway, there were times when he suggested that he would go live with his ‘son,’ which did not mean my Uncle Joe. Who was this son?

He told MK that he had gotten into a fight with a set of brothers. They were angry at him because of their sister. We were led to believe that perhaps our grandfather had gotten her pregnant. At least one of the brothers ended up in the hospital. I could swear that the word ‘crowbar’ was mentioned. Anyway, I am guessing that that is why he had to make a fast getaway from South Bend, never to return.

The question is, where is my uncle and what happened to him and his mother? I am sensing that we shall never know.

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