Winter to Summer, Heating to Air Conditioning

A tulip of meaning. In our first Deerfield house, I planted many wonderful red and yellow tulips. When we moved, I brought a few with us to the other side of Deerfield.

I have not mentioned the weather for several days.

It has been very crazy.

We had two days of eighty degree weather in which I attempted to air out the house then close up to keep the cool air in. I succeeded for the most part, but although I tried to not put on the air, I should have. I woke up after a ‘too warm’ stint in bed. I finally relented.

After those two days, it was freezing cold. The heat went back on after having had air on. So Chicago, that is. Straight from winter to summer.

The monsoon rain we had almost put us completely under water. The pond almost overflowed and I am thankful that I did not put water in, as I intended. It had gotten so low that it concerned me. The rains took care of that, however.

My dandelion count is up to well over thirty, but given that I do not use weed killer (except for a vinegar potion I put on those weeds on the edges or in the cracks) but pull them out by hand, that is nothing. Each year is a little better.

I am watching carefully the plants I have transitioning from inside to the garden, putting them in the ‘greenhouse’ or coldframe to ward off the crazy temperature shifts.

The daffodils have been glorious and the forsythia is finally in full bloom. A few tulips have blossomed and everything is growing like crazy. We are set up for hummingbirds and the regular bird feeders are active as they have been all winter.

Despite the weird weather, I prefer it to what we had. I still think it will snow again this season.

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