Hagström at home in Sweden and no longer alone

I have been following the tracking for the Hagström guitar as it winged its way back to Sweden. I am pleased that Dag and I were able to work it out. He has wanted a red Hagström guitar (vintage) for quite some time. Luckily, I had the one that he coveted and it was in very good condition.

I was very surprised to find that the USPS was able to facilitate our transaction. Shipping and Insurance for the item to go Priority Mail (which is what Dag’s acquaintances in Sweden suggested) only cost about one hundred dollars. I was surprised because for UPS, it would have been the same to ship it to Denver, maybe even more.

I am not sure how Dag is going to use it but I already see that it is hanging on a wall, placed next to another vintage Hagström guitar. From what I glean, vintage guitars like mine are readily available here and less so in their home country. Never did I think I would be shipping it back to Sweden.

I am sitting out on the patio, the littlest grandkid is playing in the sandbox and the other one is currently in the house with MK. It is sunny out and I am guessing that it will be an evening in which the air conditioning is a necessity. Right now, the windows are closed and we are trying to ‘maintain the cool.’

Stewie is basking in the sun and very quiet, which is a good thing as the ‘neighbor’ who is not neighborly is out. This year, so far, he has been more careful about the loud music he plays although we have never complained about it, knowing that doing so could escalate our already negative situation.

It is only time before he sees a squirrel, barks a few times, and moves on. Luckily, there are more dogs in the neighborhood than just Stewie, but being ‘scapegoated’ as we are, we are the only ones noticed.

In between kid watching and writing (I am up and down all the time, better than going to the gym) I have been deadheading daffodils.

Music next door is low, no power tools, and no spouse yelling, which was not apparently the case yesterday.

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