Storms of every kind day started out with a storm.

The storm was a real one, although the preceding day had ended with a ‘storm’ of sorts as the neighbor, and I hesitate to call him that because he currently has not one iota of ‘neighbor’ within his body, was off the wall.

The dog did a few barking routines, a short burst as he followed a squirrel running on the fence and then stopped. We never allow, especially now, the dog to get too carried away. It is meaningless, because the person who should be a neighbor but who is not, had pulled out his air horn. For those not acquainted with this device, I think it is an aerosol with a trigger and creates a foghorn sound. Pull that trigger and you release a sound that is very, very annoying.

I was in the house, in the kitchen, and MK was out with the little ones, aged almost four and two. Stewie had not even barked so I don’t know what happened. The ‘neighbor’ let loose with the air horn when the little ones were on the driveway by the fence. Needless to say, it was frightening. MK immediately screamed, « Don’t ever do that again to my grandchildren! »

So that is the storm that precipitated a call for advice on the non-emergency line of the Deerfield Police Department. We decided to ‘not poke the bear.’

This morning’s storm was real, involving rain, lightning, and thunder, and then I went to see Dr. Chen about my contact lens, the latest prescription. I am only wearing one for distance, although he feels that one is warranted for the other eye, which is the one used for reading. We deduced that although it seemed that I needed a new prescription, that I actually needed to maintain the old one I had for the previous year.

I then went to Oakton for ESL Conversation hour, which I had with only one person. As Zia put it, he « was on the hot seat. ». That is an expression that I had taught them to explain when for whatever reason, I was focusing on a single person and asking more than one question.

One of the funnier things that happened at Oakton has to do with bureaucracy. On Monday, I had downloaded and printed off the ‘Direct Deposit Form’ from my new checking account. I closed the preceding one because my longtime bank was continually charging me for their services and this new situation does not.

The form was clear and I put my special Oakton number, called a ‘B’ number (instead of the Social Security number) and my phone number. I had turned it in to HR but they told me it should go to payroll which was in a different location at the school. Today I received the form with a form to fill out. Mind you, everything I needed to put on the Oakton form was on the form I turned in and in a very clear format, account number, routing number, etc. Why I had to take this new form, and I say new only because it was new to me, and put all of the info which was already on the preprinted form, is beyond me.

Needless to say, I nicely told the person I gave it to that I thought it was silly and that the preprinted form was easier to read and had fewer possible errors, but hey, who am I?

Hopefully, all storms are done for the day. Stewie, by the way, has a special anti-bark collar. Let’s hope his small amount of barking is even less.

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