Random Thoughts on feeling like a harassed citizen

Sometimes, it is not the best thing to take the high road. I will admit, however, that I do not believe that I could do otherwise. Nonetheless, those who take the high road and do the right thing should be protected and maybe even revered for their behavior. After a meeting with the police after a complaint by my neighbor, despite the policeman being clear about his understanding of the situation, I almost sense that we are now at a disadvantage because we didn’t bring complaint first.

Why didn’t we bring complaint first? We could have. We have endured loud music, and audio polution via every yard appliance imaginable from compressor to gasoline powered blowers. Their noise has often been non-stop.

We cannot talk to our neighbor, and I say neighbor, because it is only one of the two people next door. He refuses to speak to us. When the policeman visited him and suggested we all meet to discuss the supposed issues, he said a resounding, « No. ». We, on the other hand are more than open. As it happens, our communication from him is to come from his signage or from his dealings with the police.

The policeman was clear that he was almost surprised by Stewie’s behavior, knowing full well that the uniform he wears is often enough to get a dog going, and with good reason. Stewie was very low key, almost seeming to know why the officer was visiting.

Although the visit was positive, I couldn’t help feeling that I was not in my own country. I couldn’t help feeling that I was guilty of not properly handling my dog instead of what it actually is: being harassed by an unhappy human being, a bully, a man who walks with a periennial scowl on his face, and who hates his lifetime predicament. A person who needed a proper scapegoat because he does not vent as the most of us do.

I was told that my neighbor has cameras and is into documentation of everything. That is fine, as I am too and I recently changed out a doorbell and a spotlight to include more security. I was told that if he continues to complain, that it will have to go before a judge.

Whatever happened to inncocent people being taken care of? Why is the American squeaky wheel always favored? I know that even in my career that being above board and not creating a fuss when decisions were made sometimes went against people like me. Again, I would do it the same way, but that is just not fair.

I do feel harassed and I am a bit surprised that our system of protection handles situations this way. I was told that even with a fence that my neighbor feels threatened by my dog when he is near the fence or working on it. To watch one of my videos of Stewie and the fence, I saw a dog that was pretty much taunted and I also saw the horror of my grandkids’ reaction to the air horn.

At this point, if the person to the south does anything I find to be out of ordinary, I will be calling the police. My patience with him and the system is shot.

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