ParkWhiz and SpotHero – a better Chicago parking deal

I thought everyone knew about ParkWhiz and SpotHero.

In talking to people recently, I realized that this is not the case.

I cannot remember when I found out about these wonderful services, but it must have been at least five years ago. I remember that MK and I had been given tickets to see Coldplay (although she couldn’t make it this time) and I needed parking for the United Center. For some reason, I didn’t want to use their services and found that it was easier to use either SpotHero or ParkWhiz. That was a success and I decided to use their services in the future.

Since finding this set of apps, and recognizing that I could use it online, we have used it many times. My favorite time was when we stayed overnight in Chicago and going to a play, not wanting to deal with traffic and turning it into a special getaway. The hotel that we hotwired had great rates but to park overnight was exorbitant. I went on ParkWhiz and found an outdoor parking lot that was right around the block, and I believe the price for overnight parking was in the twenties or low thirties. Amazing!

Ease of use is another reason as you can generally take your scannable ticket proving that you have paid and put it into your phone wallet. This makes it very convenient for you to pull out your phone and be admitted to the parking garage.

Also, you know where the parking area is by address, and you can see it listed on a map with different parking destinations and prices. You get to easily choose and you are parking in legitimate, normal parking areas and garages that would charge you way more if you chose to just ‘drop in’ and park.

It is a decidedly good thing and this is something that works in more than one city.

Doesn’t everyone know about this?

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