The state of the malbor

The current view of the patio and the lack of fence between the properties.

Malbor (noun)

1. An unkind person who lives near another
2. A person viewed as a neighbor until showing signs of unkind behavior

I was not holding my breath.

Despite what looked like conciliatory and almost nice reactions on the part of the person who lives next door, the Monday morning e-mail from the Police tells me that he has some other things up his sleeve. Passive-Aggressive behavior does not go away overnight.

Monday morning has us informed that the malbor has gone to the Village to see about codes and ordinances regarding lighting and cameras. He has totally removed the old fence and has sawed them down exactly the same height, somewhere around thirty inches or so. Apparently, he has plans to use them for his lighting and cameras. The wired and solar lighting surrounding the malbor’s abode is abundant and I am wondering how it can get to be much more. Honestly, we really don’t care.

We had pretty much planned to put in the fence, it is just that we didn’t know it would be this soon. We have to make sure that the new fencing is put completely on our property. There will be modifications as we certainly don’t need the amount of fencing we had. We have some good ideas, though.

What is for sure is that we live next to a person who is very private. I know that he clearly wants Stewart to be on a tether at all times, but I am not sure that he is going to like being ‘out in the open, as he currently is. Our grandkids are going to be playing on the driveway and making noise. Stewart cannot be there, at least for the time being, but my guess is that he has not thought this out and how annoying it shall be to be in clear view and to have to deal with the Koerner children chaos. The only good thing is that basically he likes kids. We shall see. Meanwhile, strategies are being formed.

We have had the heat on for several days now and today, it was in the sixties as I went outside with Stewart. It is supposed to get into the seventies and even close to the eighties. That is hard to believe.

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