Nice thoughts as I try to forget the malbor

We ended up going to River Trails in Northbrook with the grandkids instead of going home.

I have been pretty calm throughout all of the brouhaha involving the malbor (AKA bad neighbor) and company. His wife has hardly been seen. The police never met her as she was ‘napping.’ She has been pretty much non-existent and not even nodding hello as she passes by in her big white SUV. I have great difficulty dealing with her as I sympathize so much with her plight and yet it still bothers me that this really poor behavior is allowed.

So, on to nice thoughts.

My spring semester, in which I didn’t teach, is over. I did do the conversation hours but my class was pulled from me at the last minute by my colleague who didn’t have enough hours. Despite that fact, I was plenty busy, always finding something to do.

We are soon headed to Cape Cod, but I do have some reservations since we have to leave the abode. Luckily, there will be people in the house and there will even be our granddog. I hope they make plenty of noise.

We have another trip this summer, to Stratford, and we are looking forward to that.

The weather has been very rainy and when we went in the way back to measure for the new fence, we were sinking into the mud. I have truly never seen it that wet back there, with divots filled with water.

I am so glad that just before things got more like spring, that I moved all of the currant bushes to a location that is not so wet. They look great and almost as if they had never been moved. That is the benefit of moving when they are still dormant.

It was tough getting up this morning, one of those days when your eyes are closed to the point that they don’t want to accept contact lenses. Luckily, I waited a bit and managed to plop it in as I only wear one. It is barely seven o’clock, I am sipping my Misto (the best purchase at Starbucks that is not on the menu) and waiting for the kids to get up. We get here so that the adults can go to work, then we shall take the little ones to our house. In my vengeful mood, I cannot wait to allow the kids to run around on the driveway, make noise, and hopefully annoy the malbor.

Okay, so I tried to be nice, but last night it really got to me.

My nice side is exhausted, look out connard!

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