We have been planning this for some time.

We had reason to celebrate, Mike and Diana sold a million dollar plus home. We also felt that we needed a moment away from all of the drama we have found at our abode in recent days.

We went about our morning as usual and then went in to the city around 11:30 AM or so. I was not expecting the traffic we had. We go into the city around that time at least once a month for a meeting of the Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival and normally we just slide into the city.

That didn’t happen on this day.

Here I was driving manual transmission and not expecting to have the stop and go that we so often relate to Chicago.

We arrived on time since we padded our travel time and were taken into Topolobambo. We even saw Rick Bayless. I didn’t, but our son Mikey did, and he is the chef. We feverishly tried to see if he could come to our table but he had already left.

The restaurant is more than deserving of the honor it has received and it was a great experience from the moment we set foot in the door. The service was impeccable. Manny spoke with a Mexican accent and was not only extremely knowledgeable, but also had a sense of humor. He and the rest of the staff were there when needed, and the sous chef, Zach Steen, even served us at one point in time.

We ordered three appetizers, some ceviche, some of the special Azteca soup, guacamole, chicken quesadillas. Everything was impeccably presented and more than delicious. We got several entrées to share: Carne Asada being the most memorable, served in a mole sauce. For dessert, crepas, with blackberry sorbetto.


We had a wonderful time and I would not hesitate to go again.

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