Cold Morning

Food memories from Topolobampo.

Despite the fact that it was almost too warm in the house at night, I went outside with Stewart and wore a t-shirt and shorts. It was okay for the fifteen minute walk, but when I came home I realized that my choices were not prudent. I continued wearing the same thing but added a jacket.

It is funny how sometimes the very early morning is pretty much no indication of how things are going to be for the rest of the day.

It is cold.

Low fifties.

Today I have to put up a temporary fence and it will be interesting how that goes with the malbor. I say malbor because despite the fact that two people live in the house to our south, we only see one (for the most part) and deal with one. The second occupant only shows when she has to mow the lawn or when she is in the car going somewhere. Two huge, white SUVs grace their perfectly organized garage and they go in an out all the time.

I have two rolls of that wonderful, temporary fencing that goes up with easily planted stakes that have extra grabbing power at the bottom. I am hoping that I have enough to do the area between our gate and the garage without having to resort to pieces of fencing, as I am not sure how long the rolled up pieces are. I shall find out. I have a whole bunch of stakes, at least five, so happily I don’t think I will have to buy anything for this annoying set up, one that could have been avoided by my malbor (AKA not nice neighbor) leaving the old fence up until we get the new one.

As it now stands, we are still waiting on the plat of survey, which we have to have before we can get the permit and the Fence Company is still too busy and concerned about the wetness of the land.

I hope we make lots of joyous noise today in our back yard.

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