Let’s vacuum the street, NOT!

Malbor’s signage for self.

I am not responsible for words not spelled correctly.

The other day, we spoke to the new neighbors across the street, a delightful, young couple with a toddler and another on the way. MK had received a text message about the signage decorating the DMZ between the yards, wondering what was going on. We saw her out front with her toddler and we went over, with Stewie, since I was walking him a bit. Soon her husband arrived, and we explained the situation.

We are not out for blood, we are out for peace and assuredly our discussion was as objective as it could be, outlining history and pointing out perhaps why things are as they are. We have a thirty-one year history of living in this home.

There has been tragedy in their lives. Now there is illness.

At the same point in time, there are things that perhaps produced tragedy. We are all born flawed and flawed we shall return to the earth. It is up to us to do our best and some of us are just not equipped to do that.

We talked about it and the things we have done to make things better or at least produce peace.

While talking, it was pointed out that our new neighbors across the street had noted something that I thought was singularly odd one day, when our malbor went into the street with his shop vac and was vacuuming the area adjacent to his curb, in the street. I thought it was odd and apparently our new neighbors across the street did as well, as they mentioned it. It was on that day that the first warning went up. The warning did not tell what the malbor was going to do, although one might assume that the police would be called. Mind you, the day they were called, Stewart was even less noisy than ever.

It is reassuring that the new neighbors are nice, kind, and normal. They are also supportive.

Meanwhile, times are good here as the malbor and his wife are out of town. I wish Stewie could enjoy it more but it is too wet, having rained last night. It is also too cool. The winter has not totally given up its hold on us. It is damp, wet outside, and humid.

It is not going to be an easy time as we wait for the new fence to be put up.

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