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Q & A after the film showing: Zlatomir Moldovanski (Tybalt) and Jamie Mac (Benvolio), actors in Romeo and Juliette.

Am I the only one who has noticed that often when we take the time to contact people that they don’t respond, that the only way that you might know that they have received the message is if you have the ability to check and see if they have electronically received it?

Recently, for the Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival, I sent out an e-mail to friends, acquaintances, and colleagues telling of an authorized showing by the Stratford Festival of Romeo and Juliette, a play that was produced in 2017. Stratford only films several of their Shakespeare plays each season and this was one of them. There are few opportunities to see films of this nature.

I understand that sometimes we are all overwhelmed by life and all of our demands.

I work for a local community college and thought that this free showing of a great play would be a tremendous opportunity for fellow faculty and students. I contacted the people involved with the Performing Arts and gave them the information.

I did hear back from the College President and from one of the faculty members. My initial e-mail was from my gmail account and not hearing back from my peers, I sent a second one from my campus e-mail account. I did receive an apology from one of my colleagues for being late in response.

I just don’t get it.

I get it if not everybody answered but a majority of no-answers seems excessive.

I guess I am just surprised.

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