Actually on the patio

It is seventy-five degrees outside, and as Siri puts it, “Hot!”

It is pretty much hard to believe. It has been in the fifties for the past few days. It has been downright cold and the rains have been incessant. When we drove into the city on Monday, I was worried as it seemed as if we were hydroplaning. The back yard has been awful and the landscapers were in to add to the stones around the pond and to put mulch down as well as mow the lawn. They were just barely able to do their work yesterday.

To see us with the landscapers is a hoot. I have consistently offered our guys coffee or coke, depending on the weather. That is what they prefer. Yesterday, they asked for coffee but also politely asked if we had any cookies or maybe bread and jam. I ended up making them brioche toast, scrambled eggs, and coffee. It was freezing outside, that is, if you were not moving.

It is only recently that I have gotten them to the point of sitting down on our patio. I found them eating in their truck one day and told them that there was no reason to do that when they are in our neighborhood. It was hard for them to accept sitting at our patio table, but they finally did. We even ended up making a frozen pizza for them as yesterday, they were doing way more for us than they normally do. One of the benefits of doing this for the guys is that they really appreciate us and go out of their way to please us. It is thus a win/win for everyone.

The malbor actually talked to me today, calling me first by name. I swear it has been more than ten years since we have actually spoken. He asked me if we are putting up a fence. Although MK had already answered that, I guess he felt that the lack of movement in this area might mean we had a change of heart. I responded that we are waiting for the plat of survey and that then we would move forward.

I am feeling like a nap. It is early afternoon, I did some pond work in the morning, a small amount of work for our new bookshelves in the family room, and then went to the gym.

Outdoor nap, it is!

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