Random Thoughts while waiting for the grandkids to wake up

We were both a little more slow moving than we would have liked this Thursday morn. I just managed to get Stewie walked before heading east into Highland Park. We are sitting enjoying a cup of coffee and waiting for the kids to wake up, allowing them to do it on their own time, a little priceless gift Grandma and Papi are giving them so that they have a better start to their day.

It is cool and I have on shorts, a t-shirt, and a Polartec overshirt. It is cool out and promises to be in the eighties today. It was very warm yesterday, although not warm enough for air conditioning. It amazes me, our bedroom has one window to the north and with our open windows, I kept hearing the compressor for the air conditoner revving up. It seems that the neighbors to our north just don’t turn the air off.

Yesterday, our son and I put the finishing touches to the bookcases in the family room and after a brief spell on the patio, I came back in and started moving books around, bringing down the many cookbooks we have that were housed in the office. Not only did I bring those down, it caused me to evaluate the placement of books and finally MK and I have clearly delineated areas for our language as well as other books. We have mostly French and German, but also some books in Spanish, Italian, and Hungarian.

In my head is the whole football business about the kneeling of the players. It frosts me that we even take the time to address this issue and that the the NFL has to have a rule about it. Are we that daft that we do not truly understand the ramifications of several hundred years of slavery? Do we not realize that history has done an incredible number on us all? Slavery may be gone but how do you change perceptions of the people who imposed it?

I walked into the steam room yesterday after a session on the rowing machine and realized that there was a young African-American man in there. I count myself as being evolved and yet my heritage, a heritage where my blue collar, semi-racist background taught me to question such an event, caused me to be surprised. Deerfield has a large gym for a community of some 17,000, and the diversity of its attendees is limited. I immediately wondered how the young man felt, whether he had any worries about his surroundings and how people were going to react to him and treat him. Being other than caucasian brings about so many difficulties and we of white privilege often do not get it. Having someone in my immediate family now who is of more diverse background than we are, makes us all thing about that. We have already seen what our society does and how it makes some, let me change that to many, feel small and unwanted. We have had to go to bat for her, as we should.

When we were in the wedding dress purchase mode, MK and the family women all went wedding dress shopping. Besides the actual wedding dress, we needed dresses for the bridesmaids and the grandkids. One bridesmaid was still out of the country. When she arrived, our daughter-in-law inquired about a dress in the color she had chosen. The company was less than helpful and said there weren’t any more. MK went online and found them. She got involved and the problem was solved and then she contacted the company. This was a simple problem and easily solved, but it was clearly a situation of discrimination. My reason for mentioning it is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not too long ago, MK and were out and about and stopped at a coffee place with a French name. I found out later that it was a Korean franchise. MK and I went in and despite its being welcoming, I immediately felt as if I were out of place. That small event made me wonder what it is like to be a minority, to constantly have to wonder if you belonged or if you were welcome. The irony is that my background, Hungarian, makes me a real minority and yet since I am supposedly white (although I am often darker than other minorities), I am privileged. The horrible truth here is that so often in our society, there are people who do go out of their way to make others feels unwanted and unwelcome and not worthy of receiving any services. Now it seems as if what they are doing is okay with the powers that be.

We have a long way to go.

Our current régime is undoing rather than progressing in the area of a proper anti-discrimatory evolution.

Do football players want to protest by kneeling?

I support them. I respect the flag and country but I do have the right to protest. That is why my immigrant grandparents all came to this country.

God Bless America.

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