My name is Rich.

I love rhododendrons!

As I am approaching seventy at a pace I am frightened to even think about, I have some observations about my name.

I am wondering.

I am wondering if all people who have names that have nicknames, diminutives, or shortened forms (whatever you want to call them) have the same issue.

When I introduce myself, I usually say, “My name is Rich.”

Invariably, I would say about eighty per cent, if not more, of the people end up calling me ‘Richard.’ The good news here is that I like my name. I like ‘Richard,’ I like ‘Rich,’ I even like ‘Rick.’ About the only one I really don’t care for is ‘Dick’ and it was only when I was younger that people tried to use that on me.

I am wondering if the Bobs of the world are called Robert. Or maybe if the Bills are called William. Is it only a Richard thing?

If I didn’t like ‘Richard,’ I would correct people but I have no problem with that.

My mom, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews usually call me Rick. I am okay with that.

If we are speaking in French, it is clear that most people would call me ‘Richard.’ That is an acceptable name in French. I cannot say that I ever met a ‘Richard’ in France, but it is an actual name.

Am I the only one out there who has experienced this?

About Richard Koerner

Sixty something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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