Yaking, portable greenhouses, and the Fire Stick from Amazon Hell

The Amazon Fire Stick attached to our TV (It only took about fifty tries or so to get it to work, no thanks to Amazon or Philips.

We had decided that we were going to go kayaking no matter what. Mike thought early and so did I. I originally thought of Van Patten Woods, Sterling Lake, a favorite, but we opted for closer and went to the Skokie Lagoons. I do believe, as a side note, that Van Patten Woods was the first Lake County Forest Preserve, located in Wadsworth. It is a straight shot north of us and offers a pristine lake with fishing and boating and bike trails and picnicking as well.

It took a while for the prep, it is funny how much I forget over a wintertime. It is like I am learning the prep all over again. I was pleased to note that Mikey was victimized by the same issue. Fortunately for me, whenever I would look at something, Mikey would look and pretty much immediately know what to do. We have always said that Mikey thinks differently. Although thinking differently can be frustrating to others at times, in the long run, it is thinking differently that solves problems that the rest of us cannot deal with. I look at something, he looks at it, he immediately knows what to do while I rest confounded.

We took photos. Photos to remind us of what we need to do with the straps that hold down the kayaks on the roof racks of the car.

The Skokie Lagoons turned out to be fun, which was no surprise. I was not happy by the massive vegetative infestation of the water. So much so, in the northern areas of the Lagoon, that I had trouble paddling. The seaweed pretty much covered the entire lagoon, in spots, and I had to keep stopping to remove it from my paddle. It slowed me down immensely and made my progress much slower.

After a couple of hours, hours in which I felt as if the sun were abnormally strong, the heat of the day being so intensely hot that we pretty much set a record at ninety-six degrees, we packed up, and returned home. Memorial Day, which followed this Sunday, is set to be just as hot.

I hydrated for the rest of the afternoon.

I also moved the tall greenhouse to a better location for houseplants that are going to get a summer out.

I was exhausted. Not exhausted enough to not go to Target to pick up an Amazon Fire Stick. Why a Fire Stick? Our Denon receiver, guilty of overheating and necessitating a special fan to keep it cool, is on the fritz and we cannot access our entertainment system in the family room.

I wanted to at least be able to access Netflix and Acorn on our bedroom TV which we rarely use. This purchase turned out to be terribly problematic and I almost gave up more than once. I stopped trying during dinner and then set out once again to see if I could get it up and running

The problem was the TV, a Philips TV that apparently isn’t easily workable with the Fire Stick. I kept getting a message that the ‘Format (was) not supported.’ What I found out, by googling, was that the display resolution was not high enough on the TV and there was mention of changing the video resolution, something that looked to be like a not so easy thing. I luckily found an online Q & A where people talked of using the remote for the Fire Stick and pressing certain buttons to allow you to change the resolution to accept the Philips. I did and I did and I did. It didn’t work. The online info said not to give up since it wouldn’t ‘take’ immediately. They were right. I had finally gotten so desperate that I took the Fire Stick down to our Sony TV (which I cannot use because I don’t want to tear out the cables to access sound), and set it up. I tried to change the resolution. I took it upstairs and it still didn’t work.

Finally, around 9:00 PM or so, it worked. We watched the Netflix Program, the ‘Last Post,’ the first (and then second) episode that our Denon had pooped out in the middle of… The Last Post is a British episodic show about Aden and the presence of the Royal Military Police and their issues with their Arab subjects.

It was a tough set up but gladly it works. The funny thing is that MIke, my yakpal and youngest son, has a Philips TV (the same one we have) and a Fire Stick that works. He bought an earlier issue of the Fire Stick which worked with the TV.

The annoying part is that neither Philips nor Amazon really give you the info you need to make this right and it is only due to the people frequenting the Internet for help who got me through it.

Now we can watch AcornTV and Netflix on our bedroom TV. That is especially nice with our Denon issues (I am very disappointed with their very expensive receiver). Luckily, it is summer and we don’t spend much time watching TV.

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