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Has anyone noticed as I have, that there is a distinct learning curve when you get a rental car?

I realize now that I have to take a deep breath, when I first get in, and make an attempt to get the ‘lay of the land.’ It takes more than a few minutes to get acclimated. Part of the reason for this is because we currently have two cars at home that are eight and ten years old. The Technology is such that there have been many changes.

The biggest change in the current rental car was the fact that there was no key, just a fob. It is the type that means that when you are near the car, the car opens itself up to you. I was acquainted with that from the few times I have driven cars belonging to my daughters-in-law.

Usually, the fob’s icons are easy to follow, but as we found out with this one, when we wanted it to beep so we knew where it was, the pressing of the button to open the door locks didn’t do the trick. With this car, we also had a sun roof, so we had to figure that all out too.

Then there was the Sirius Radio programming, which wasn’t too hard, but it was only several days into our trip that I knew that there was a GPS within the system. I kind of thought there would be but had avoided it by bringing my Garmin that I use when we go to Canada.

On this car, I also had to get used to using the back up camera, which overall is wonderful. I just never managed to figure out how much beeping meant serious issues of colliding with something. Luckily I stopped before I ever found out.

About five days into using this rental car, I finally realized that there was a designation on the dashboard, a light up icon that was meant to tell me I was going into the next lane. That is a fascinating help.

By the end of the trip, you finally seem to have figured out everything that you need to know.

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