Day Two on Cape Cod – Transatlantic Cable and being Transfigured

The weather started out cold and sunny and quickly morphed into more of a cold, windy, and overcast day. What does it matter though, when you are at the Cape?

Breakfast at the Inn was beyond belief. The fresh fruit and the best pineapple I have had in years awaited us. Coffee was available to us very early and we enjoyed it on the front area of the Inn, with the Pleasant Bay within our sight. We spoke to one fo the visitors, who was playing with Quigley, the resident Maltipoo (half Maltese, half poodle). It was lovely. Just an afterthought, all of us want to dognap Quigley as he is adorable and does not shed. Back to the B&B, this one sets the bar, surpassing anything I have ever experienced.

Once breakfast was served, at 8:30 AM, we had the fresh fruit, various cheeses, artisanal bread, homemade jams, and charcuterie. Pancakes were made to order and were quite delicious. After breakfast, although we were sated, we realized that perhaps we might not need to eat for a long time.

Afterwards, we went into downtown Orleans and then went to the Church of the Transfiguration, a new church, an ecumenical one at that, to have Sister Martha take us on tour. Tours are free and quite informational. We saw the beautiful frescos painted by an Italian artist, beautiful mosaic floors with biblical stories, and a church that was truly inspiring.

After the church visit, we went to the French Transatlantic Cable Station Museum, which operated up until 1959 and allowed for telegraph messages to be sent directly, via cables laid in the Atlantic Ocean, from France to the U.S. It was quite amazing. We watched a twenty minute video and then were taken on tour of the station. It was amazing to think that American General Pershing could communicate directly with the U.S. during WWI without issues. I highly recommend this free museum.

Arnold’s was our next choice, a very casual place to eat and MK had some chowder and we munched on hot and delicious fried clams and onion rings. It was so delicious and so naughty.

We then went to Fort Hill, a lovely area with a scenic view of the area and water and with a path to take a nice walk. It was a great way to end up the afternoon.

Dinner was had at the Del Mar Bar and Bistro after seeing a lighthouse in Chatham and the site of a shipwreck during a storm. Once again, food was spectacular. I must also say that for somewhat comparable dining on the North Shore, the Cape was less expensive.

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