Day Three on Cape Cod – Peter Rabbit, Sandwich, and the Glass Museum

Thornton Burgess, not as well known as he should be, was quite the famous author – Peter Rabbit.

Day three was wet from the get go.

I thought it was going to let up, but it really did not until past 8:00 PM or so. Meteorologists had promised one to two inches of rain and they were not kidding.

We had a great breakfast with our new Britacquaintances: Barbara and Bill. After breakfast, we made a change of plans and instead of going to Nantucket for the day, we headed to Sandwich to go to the Green Briar Nature Center of Thornton Burgess’ fame, to a teahouse for a quick lunch, and then to a Glass Museum.

The Green Briar was probably my favorite part since it was a garden yet we never really had a good view of it since it was so rainy. We walked in and ended up being pulled into the kitchen where they had jam making. We talked to the guy who donates his time and learned all sorts of things within the few minutes we were with him. From there we went into the gift shop and then saw the museum. The whole place is of interest since it is about Thornton Burgess, the American author who wrote of Peter Rabbit. Apparently he was considered to be a premier American author and it is too bad that for whatever reason people have somewhat forgotten about him. We glimpsed the garden through the windows and in passing in the rental car, but unfortunately could not really enjoy it as we wanted.

We were cold and wet from the trip so we had a quick lunch at a teahouse, the Dunbar House Restaurant and Tea Room. MK and I had ale and hard cider, some soup, and topped it off with Assam tea, perfect for the cold rainy day.

We then went to the Sandwich Glass Museum which told of the famous factory in the town of Sandwich and all of its history. They had a glass blower there and also a movie about the factory and town history. They had quite an amazing display of glass from the factory as well. it was perfect as not being too huge and yet not that small.

Dinner was at a Brewster Fish house and once again we were delighted. We are a bit surprised as we expected eating out to be a bit more expensive than it actually is.

We are hoping that the rain is done.

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