Day Six in Cape Cod – Whale watching

Our whale watch boat.

The weather had truly cleared. Although it remained in the low sixties, it was as if Heaven had decided to shine upon us.

We drove the twenty something miles to Provincetown, took in views of the narrow streets and lovely homes, and went to the wharf to get ready for Whale watching.

We were a little early and decided to stay on the wharf.

We boarded around noon. Before doing so, in talking to people, many recommended taking Dramamine to avoid seasickness. I realized that it was not in my best interest, since Dramamine is an antihistamine,can cause me problems, and was a little worried. I have never been seasick, but I cannot say that I have spent numerous hours on huge waves in boats, so I was concerned. Carsickness has plagued me since I was a kid. I remember one time in particular when I had to get off a bus when I was sixteen. I was working in downtown Cleveland and the heat (pre-air conditioned buses) and standing was about to do me in. To this day if I drive I am fine; if I am a passenger and have any sense of hunger, I am prone to feeling queasy.

We grabbed a coke (I thought it might be good just in case) and a muffin to share and MK took some Dramamine. It was provided as were ‘barf bags,’ but the latter were not provided until later.

It was a sunny day with blue skies and the sea was not particularly choppy, at least not at departure. The boat was well staffed and had a great narration from a naturalist. There were open areas and also enclosed areas so we didn’t have to freeze outside.

Within an hour of so, we were in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary where the whales come to feed during the summer months, wintering somewhere around the Dominican Republic. Waters, by this time, were much choppier and I can see why people might easily get sick.

We saw numerous spouts of the whales expelling water and even a mother and baby. All of the whales we saw were humpback whales. Nonetheless, it was quite exciting.

Afterwards, we got in our rental car and went to Wellfleet, on the way back to the B & B, to have dinner at Mac’s Shack. In all of the cool air, we were quite tired and with faces reddened by the wind. We were not seasick at all, fortunately. This was a highlight of the week.

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