Day Seven – Cape Cod National Seashore and Coast Guard Beach

We had a very leisurely breakfast before heading out. When we did, we went to the beach. We headed in the direction of Provincetown, near the town of Eastham, and went to the National Seashore Information Center near the Salt Pond. There we picked up a few books, saw a movie on Cape Cod, and then went to the beach.

The beach we went to was Coast Guard Beach. The National Seashore (put into place by President Kennedy) was a protective measure to keep Cape Cod’s seashore from becoming a mass of habitations. I believe that it covers almost forty miles. It is a national treasure, to say the least.

We lathered up with the sunscreen and walked out onto the beach, following a path with a blue woven set of rugs which the sand climbed through, making the trek to the beach so much easier. We were able to park since it is not really the summer season since June 23rd is the date when kids are out of school. We were thus able to park in a small area by the Coast Guard House which is a former whale captain’s abode. In the summer, it is necessary to take a shuttle to get from beach to beach, a great idea which helps keep the traffic and cars to more of a minimum.

We had a great time and I left Mary Kay to walk way down the beach. While doing so, I was able to see the seals swimming out in the water. The seals came because the water is warmer and with the arrival of the seals came the sharks. It didn’t seem to matter to the paddle board people and surfers. It is so interesting how one change creates a domino effect with others.

We went to Arnold’s for lunch and munched on calamari. This is a decidedly quiet day for us. We came back and decided to read our books, blog, and do some travel blogging via Trip Advisor.

Dinner was at Mooncussers Tavern in Harwich. When we arrived, they asked if we were the anniversary couple. MK had mentioned that our Cape Cod trip was kind of a forty-third anniversary celebration and Pamela, our B&B host, must have told them. We were taken to a newer part of the Jordan Marsh (of department store fame) home, much of which was built in the 1700s. We had a wonderful dinner with a bit of French flair and soon met the owner, born in Cape Town, South Africa, multilingual (speaking French with me), who told us of the house’s history. His wife is French so I spoke to her in French upon our departure. It was a lovely to end a lovely trip to the Cape.

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  1. Will says:

    What a perfect day for both of you! Really enjoyed your daily journal

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