Do you like my hat?

It was silly but I figured it would make the grandkids happy.

I made a video. I put it on YouTube and I sent the address to the the kids so they could show it to the grandkids.

I can be silly with the grandkids as so many grandparents can be. I put on a hat and I used my regular voice and a silly voice for one of the characters.

The story was Go, Dog Go! by P.D. Eastman.

Over a year ago, my silly reading of this (in English) kind of caught on. In the video, I read the story and use a very silly voice for the female dog who keeps encountering a male dog. When she does, she wears a hat and she says, “Do you like my hat?”

My rendition of “Do you like my hat?” is quite silly and it caught on. The question is asked more than once in the book and the book finally ends on that note.

I started reading this story to the youngest of the grandkids when we were in Galena, Illinois with them and their parents over a year ago for a spring vacation. Then, for a long time, I didn’t read it as the book belongs to them and although I did a cursory search when at their home for it, I did not find it.

So I set up a tripod before going on a trip to Cape Cod, put my iPhone on it and recorded it, having MK focus the phone on me and pressing the buttons, something she is very good at. I sense that spouses are just good at buttons, what do you think?

Today, I talked on the phone to the soon to be four year old who kept reiterating that she missed me while we were gone. She said, “You know Papi, I watched that movie you made and it made me sad and I missed you so much.” That certainly made my day. Tomorrow she and her brother (and her two cousins) will be here for a good part of the day. I may have to read that book in person.

I really missed them all and cannot wait to see them, it seems like an eternity and yet it has just been slightly over a week.

What do grandparents who do not live near their grandkids do? We are most blessed.

Regarding the question, “Do you like my hat?,” what do you think the answer is?

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