Filth and dirt

It is everywhere.

It is that time of the year. The Locust trees are depositing the fruits of their less than visible or pretty floral display. Tiny bits of green mess slightly smaller than peppercorns, massing together in such a way as to clog up gutters and downspouts, the Locust mess is awful.

We had our sidewalk, next to the garage, raised and it entailed bringing about a huge mess culminating in our putting play sand in its cracks. The ‘helicopters,’ as I call them, the hundreds and thousands of helicopters, fruit of the maple trees, have been falling and they are pretty much done, thankfully, Now we only have to look forward to pulling out the maple trees here and there.

Keeping a patio clean with all of this going on is next to impossible.

The day before, the cottonwood onslaught began. Little, tiny puffs of cottony masses blowing around, almost pretty. Today that ramped up a bit.

The pond, speaking of dirt, has not recovered from a major storm from over a month ago. I think, however, that we have done some long range planning by putting an old fashioned method of cleaning it, by having stones around its entire perimeter, filtering the dirt and mulch out. The original mulch set up of just about five or six years ago where too much mulch was placed too close to the pond ended up in a several year murkiness. Last summer we got beyond it and I think that soon, given the lily pad and other plant explosion of growth, now that it is warm, will give us more of a permanent clarity.

I can only hope so.

I hadn’t mentioned the unexpected cleaning of our patio by the guy who lifted up the sidewalk and gave it more height (and draining capability). He power washed it (which we had not expected) and in doing so left a film of sand on all of the wrought iron furniture as well as our outdoor bar shelf for dishes, glasses, and cutlery. They normally can be on the patio and due to the overhang of the house, somehow don’t get dirty. This time, however, even the shelves had to be cleaned. All the dishes went into the dishwasher.

So much for dirt.

Then there is the filth that is in power at the current time and the malbor’s nasty demeanor. Yesterday he spent an entire day cutting up small bits of his fence and burning them in his portable fire pit, breathing in the smoke, making him access his oxygen tank for frequently.

There is no end to filth and dirt.

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