“I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together.”

We remember fondly the Carol Burnett Special in the Fall of 2017 and how it brought back wonderful memories from a show that we hated to miss back in the day before VCRs and TV recordings. I remember the laughter that just couldn’t stop and I keep thinking that that is what we need now in these ugly times.

We had pretty much that last night in Chicago as we got a chance to see clips and snippets of Carol Burnett’s wonderful TV program along with a wonderful Q & A with Carol. It was great seeing Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Vicky Lawrence, and Lyle Waggoner along with all of the celebrities who graced Carol’s program. We had seats in Row C of the Chicago Theatre, closer than midway in the middle front section. We had a great view of Carol.

The tickets were a combined Christmas gift for me and Mary Kay from our children. It was a fabulous idea.

To save us from too much of sitting in traffic, we left a little after 3:00 PM to head downtown for an early dinner. It was a mistake to think we would have no traffic and once again it was clutch in, clutch out as I drove my Subaru Blue Impreza WRX.

Beforehand, I looked at the Chicago Theatre venue, one that can hold up to 3600 people, and realized that Catch 35 was around the corner. Catch 35 is a great place to eat, has a nice ambiance, and great food. It also has valet parking ($12) that the restaurant reimburses you on your bill. You then pay the valet people, but it is as if you pay nothing for the parking and just for the tip.

Hugo, our server last night (and our previous one as well more than once) had told us that if we were going to the Goodman or anywhere nearby, using the valet service works well because that way we have dinner, go to the theatre, and return for the car. That is what we did and our car was parked right on Wacker in front of the restaurant. Talk about cheap and convenient parking. Add into that that the restaurant has a $35 Prix Fixe menu that is really good. Salad or soup, entrée, and dessert for $35? This is a decided win/win.

We had a leisurely time with cocktails, dinner, and then we went around the corner for a short walk to the theatre.

Carol received a standing ovation in the beginning and was absolutely delightful with her storytelling. Storytelling seems to be on the forefront of entertainment and comedy these days and is even something we heard about with Bruce Feiler recently when we heard him speak at a local synagogue. Storytelling is the glue that holds us together. Carol did exactly that and so many people thanked her for all of the wonderful memories she has provided us with and the positive feelings about life.

It was pretty much a two hour program and it went by in a flash. How an eighty-five year old woman could have so much stamina (standing for most of the time) and memory recall is beyond me.

What a delightful evening. God bless Carol Burnett!

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