“But your house has the best vehicles!”

Despite the fact that it is summer, we still see the grandkids with great regularity. On the Tuesdays and Thursdays that we did the major grandchildcare, we generally do as we did last summer and go to one of the pools, usually the one in Highland Park, in the morning. Yesterday, after our pool foray with two of our ‘daughters’ and all the grandkids, we brought the two older ones home for the afternoon since their mom has to work.

We had a great time, what a surprise.

Despite the smoke that made us feel as if we were on a campout, we had a great time. Malbor has been cutting down his rear fence and burning it up by bits and pieces. The girls played like crazy and then when MK had a meeting, the girls and I dialogued, they cleaned up the back yard, and we went out front. The oldest one had in mind to set up a table on the sidewalk. No, not the usual lemonade stand, but a stand to solicit monies for the ‘Orphans of the Storm,’ a local place for dogs turned away by their owners and a place to get a rescue dog. She offered little bags of dog treats to the people whether or not they donated. Our oldest granddaughter had done this before on our street and due to the fact that we have consistent traffic, it is possible to do well in these endeavors.

The grandkids love being at our house and the eldest told us why. MK was talking about playing at one of the uncles’ domiciles and she was not convinced it was the best location. We were a bit surprised since they always have tremendous fun at any house, no matter what, the uncles are all about making time together fun. Our granddaughter then said, “…but your house has all the vehicles!”

All of our homes with kids have vehicles, but I will say that we have some interesting ones and in most cases, it seems that we don’t duplicate each other. We also have what seems to be somewhat of a ‘track as we have the two and a half car wide driveway and a brick patio next to it as well as a sidewalk going to the back of the yard.

The ‘Big Wheel’ was a favorite of one of our sons and his daughter rides that thing exactly as he did, weaving in and out of the ‘track’ on our patio, around one table, and then around another and then ‘putting on the brakes’ and swerving to a sliding halt.

We have a real tricycle, a metal police car (like the one I craved and never had as a kid), a Fisher Price toy that was a favorite of one of our ‘daughters,’ a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe, and another riding toy or two.

As I looked at my garage yesterday and compared it to malbor’s next door, with its hyper-organization and mine wanting that but letting go; I thought that I certainly had the better situation.

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