I cannot think of anything to write, so…

Sometimes, the mind is like a sieve and everything slips right out of it. Ideas that you have and thoughts that were running through it seem to disappear somewhere into that gray matter.

Sometimes, we are not saying exactly what is on our mind, trying to not belabor things that are happening, hoping that one doesn’t give the impression of being single-mindedly taken over by some issue or idea.

The latter is where I am but I thought that I would let my mind run and see if I can put some words or ideas together on this beautiful, sunny, yet slightly chilly day, in spite of the way I feel.

It already seems as if we have had a day of activities, and it is time to face the evening, but it is not.

Today we are having a family birthday celebration so I guess I need to put my mind on that. Yesterday was the day of the new fence, F-Day, and I am glad that it is over. I had been dreading that. Once the fence was in, I cleaned up the driveway, put bricks back down next to the southern side of the garage that had been removed for the fence posts, and cleaned the path off. It is a very imperfect brick path, one that I had unprofessionally put down, but that pretty much serves the purpose we need in having a relatively dry path to the back yard on the southern side of the garage.

Going further east and behind the garage was like opening up Pandora’s box. I had a wooden shed I made years ago with a plywood top at a slant, to house the garbage cans and allowing me to ‘tie them in’ as they were under constant assault from raccoons. Assaults of this nature change from one era to the next. Now we seem to be under assault from the chipmunks who are incessantly digging holes near the house and garage. I saw a huge hole that I have to deal with in the front lawn, so large that it could cause one to catch one’s foot and trip. I will have to put peanut butter in my Havahart trap, that allows the peaceful trapping of these animals for relocation purposes.

I got mentally waylaid. As I was in the back behind the garage, I was stepping in mud and clay and literally getting stuck with my Bogs Boots. They come up very high so they were the ideal footwear for the muck I was in. I did my best to relocate the open, wooden shed which houses some storage garbage cans and then I relocated the Rubbermaid shed (also for storage of garbage cans before we had the rolling ones that resist raccoons), but I first had to empty it, which meant it was really time to reorganize it. Its current purpose is for gardening equipment like pots and stakes. Luckily, it is no longer an ant farm, I had used borax and sugar water to take care of that. By the end of the afternoon, I was lacking in energy, to say the least.

That Manhattan I made was really appreciated.

So, we are enjoying our fenced in patio, listening to the waterfall in the pond, and reading the paper.

Happy Sunday!

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Sixty something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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