Lindens and Ponds

The linden trees are a bright spot in my life, being able to walk by one and smell the delicious fragrance that they produce. It amazes me that almost no one seems to be aware of these beauties, a beautiful tree that not only provides shade in a most beautiful way and also has an amazing smell. I was at a Starbucks the other day with one of the grandkids and I took her up to the tree and had her check it out.

It seems that linden trees are being planted more and more and yet I think there is nary a thought about the fragrance. The trees always look like perfection, usually growing in somewhat of a cone shape and having few branches that are devoid of leaves. They seem so healthy. To think that I only figured it all out from my forays to France, walking down a street and wondering what I was smelling. Then once I figured out what the tree looked like, realized that they were planting them here like crazy, probably since they are such strong, dependable trees.

Speaking of nature, the pond, our artificial bit of nature, has been murky for weeks. Part of the problem, aside from the heavy rains that stirred it up, is the pond filter. One day, weeks ago, I went out to change the foam filters and looked at the set up. I realized that it looked like the center column was missing.

I went online. Nothing.

Usually you can find replacement parts and this is a Laguna pond filter and very well known. I found nothing at tall. I finally found my manual, a PDF that I have on my laptop, and checked it out. Yes, there was a column that was missing. It was labeled ’N’ and called a ‘foam support.’ I think its part # is 921626. I went online again and found nothing. I then went to find Laguna Customer service and my phone call was rerouted to something called:

Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.
305 Forbes Blvd. Mansfield, 
MA, 02048 
Click here to visit our online help forum or send us an e-mail.
Customer Service :

I was confused. Unfortunately, it was too late in the day on the east coast. MK called for me the next day. For once, we encountered someone at the end of the line who knew something. She said that the part was not listed but that she had several in the closet. I asked MK to ask about screws since I had lost one in the filth of the filter. She said she would send the foam support and the screws. We asked her the price and her reply was “Happy Wednesday! I will FedEx them to you and there is no charge!”

We were amazed.

We received them several days later. I am still in shock! I did have to cut the support down (per instructions) but it all works. This wonderful lady, working for Rolf C. Hagen Corp., saved us from a $500 or so expense!

Sometimes nice things happen. Thank you, Rolf C. Hagen and I think, Caren!

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