Does your village or town protect you?

I have a lot on my mind.

The town I have lived in since 1981 annoys me. It is clear that despite the wonderful nature of the community in which I live, that there are serious flaws.

We are unprotected against neighborhood bullies. Good people can and will be harassed.

I am guessing that the situation is similar for people in adjacent communities. One just doesn’t know because one’s neighbors are usually reasonable, or at least semi-reasonable.

Did you know that in Deerfield that if someone does something to your property, that it is not a police issue or affected by village ordinances? If someone, for example, dumps a load of gravel on your driveway or lawn, that there is nothing you can do except file a civil suit? Did you know that cameras can be placed by the guy living next door and you cannot do anything about it?

The problem, as explained by the Deerfield Police, is that Technology has exploded and the laws have not yet caught up.

I find this all an interesting prospect.

The good, innocent people who abide by the law, are pushed aside by the bully next door. The village and police offer the civil suit to us as a solution.

It is interesting that a camera, that should be poised only on one’s property, might well be panoramic and showing way more. That camera on a pole, eight feet in height, might be viewing you. The police might ask the person and if the person says that it is focused only on a small area of yours, then it is okay, they don’t necessarily even ask to check and see if that is true.

I thought laws and good communities were set up for our protection and that if we needed help, that they would come to our rescue.

That is not the case.

It is time to bring village ordinances into the 21st century.

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