I am seriously thinking of going on a meditative retreat. Perhaps that would be good for me. Maybe something in Tahiti, perhaps?

In my quest to be holistic and avoid meds as much as possible, I am aware that I need to take care of myself and try to use other means to keep my blood pressure in tow.

I am on a low level blood pressure med. It seems that higher blood pressure is a wonderful genetic gift I received from my mom. Thanks mom, I really needed that.

I remember, seriously, somewhere in the first half of second grade, being told as I was moved from the public to Catholic school in Cleveland, that I was a ‘worry wort.’ I must say that the teacher interviewing me was spot on. Although I have fought so many things in my lifetime: shyness, fear of public speaking, overthinking and worrying, I have not always been as successful as I would like, but damn, I have worked very hard at it. Quickly after being interviewed in that school, we moved and I switched to a suburban Catholic school. There I was switched into 3rd grade, so as of right now, I am not sure how much of 2nd grade I actually experienced.

I am a ‘Type A’ personality. I am a perfectionist. I am not fond of conflict. I am terribly hard on myself and I have great desire to do my best. That sometimes goes against me. On the other hand, it has gotten me where I am today.

My very zen doctor, Dr. Kurani, advised me early on to seriously think about meditation. I have had moments where I do it more often than others and this is a period in which I have decided that it is a must. I think today that I may do it twice. Dr. Kurani has always had good ideas, and she was the one who opened my view to think about the good uses of turmeric and fish oil, among other things. Meditation is a no brainer.

Today is windy and hot and apparently it is going to storm later. I am hoping that we get to the pool because it is a perfect day and also because it provides me with the right amount and kind of exercise to keep me as far away from medicine as possible.

So, bring on the meditation and I will do my best to avoid needing that medication.

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