A beautiful day, tree trimming, and video cameras

It is drop dead gorgeous outside. The temps have dropped from the heat wave to a nice, warm summer day, apparently in the high seventies or low eighties.

Today was a good day.

I hesitate to say a whole lot about the current issues facing us in the neighborhood but I shall say that we seem to be making positive movement. The positive movement is in great part due to a single officer who has literally taken it upon himself to doggedly search out ways of stopping the harassment we are enduring. I will also say that it doesn’t hurt that our new neighbors came to our rescue as well. In talking to them about the visual that they see on a daily basis, our neighbor mentioned that her husband is a land use lawyer and a commissioner for Deerfield. Since we had to call the police, once again, our neighbor’s husband showed up at the door with the ordinance prohibiting the camera on a pole.

As it happens, the cameras elsewhere, on the neighbor’s house, for example, are not prohibited even if they are focused on someone’s home. That is the state of Technology and communities. MK did a quick little research and found that there seems to be no mention of ordinances against this this across the country.

Meanwhile, our peaceful breakfast al fresco was disturbed by the noise of professional tree trimmers who work for the electric company and are trimming all of the trees that are adjacent to the power lines. We lost a good half of a slippery elm tree that we have as part of it was butting up against the power lines and in a good wind, might have caused damage.

Meanwhile, the video camera next door, attempting to have a direct view of our yard, is in flux, position-wise. Yesterday it was on a pole. After the police left, it was moved to the roof. Now it is on a new pole with a curve to get a better view of our patio. Our recourse is to place things in front of it, so we have a banner on a pole and will strategically use our patio umbrellas.

Who would have thought?

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